Thursday, October 30, 2008

Jumping Through Hoops!

Wow! I haven't posted forever (and probably won't again for awhile)! October is usually insane for me, but this year it's like insanity decided to smoke some PCP. It's been great for business, but not so much for my sleep schedule. Usually my main concern is getting through all the training and certification for the next year's new plans, but this year on top of that I've been dealing with everyone's concerns with the financial markets and insurance company difficulties. Then just as things seem to be settling down somewhat, CMS came out with a bunch new regulations, saying that I have to have written permission to talk to a prospect, that it has to be signed at least an hour before I talk to him or her, and I have to keep it on file for 10 years. Even if it's my own grandma. The good thing is that it at least gives me an excuse to go pheasant hunt for an hour after she signs it!